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Enclosure with Terminal Block, Center Mounted, 6 Circuits single screw, Grey ABS with Solid Cover

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The Terminal Enclosure from Lite Cycle is a junction box with integrated terminal block. The grey ABS terminal enclosure with 6 positions is compact and useful in tight spaces. Frequent uses include industrial machinery, robotics, commercial wiring, low voltage control systems, solar industry and many more. This terminal enclosure features molded knockouts and captive screws allowing easy installation and removal of cover.

This all-in-one product is an innovative solution to maximize productivity and save resources. Practical, more esthetically pleasing and safe, the Terminal Enclosure from Lite Cycle provides protection for wiring junctions.

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  • Used with the DS-PG-13.5 Cable Gland 
  • For common connections on multiple circuits use Busbar SG-BB-15

What's Included

  • Base: Grey ABS
  • Cover: Grey ABS
  • Mounting Hardware: Machine Screws and Hexnuts

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