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Yellow Push Button Box 2 Position 22mm

  • 1802


Colorful and aesthetically beautiful, Lite Cycle presents an innovative and safer way to think switch boxes. Durable PBT Pushbutton enclosure with counter rotating locks provide a solid long lasting solution for all your switch enclosure needs. This enclosure has a molded face plate with Caution Yellow Resin allowing operators to quickly locate the control box for safe operation. The two pushbutton entrances size is 22 millimeters. The enclosure is resistant to oil, easily to clean and safe for high temperature applications.



  • Length : 5.312 (135 mm)
  • Width : 3.132 (80 mm)
  • Height : 2.815 (70mm)
  • Knockout Location : Centered on Base of width or Narrow side
  • Knockout Size : 22mm

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