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Terminal Enclosure Simply Explained

Posted by Richard Borek on

The market contains many junction boxes numerous terminal blocks and countless Job shops looking to make your next custom enclosure.  This is great for people who want a custom box or enclosure but everyone else is left doing things the hard way.  Schedules frequently require people to build and deploy their solutions on a tight time line which is contrary to the current product offerings on the market.  So if you build machinery, have automation with sensors and robotics or a heating system that needs a rugged junction box there is an easier way.

Lets talk about machinery, often times there is the need for sensors in places that are far from the main control box.  The current options on the market are buy a longer sensor wire or build a junction box to trunk your sensor wire to a cable.  So the longer sensor wire requires longer lead-times and makes maintenance more difficult for field repairs. So you fabricate your own junction box so you can use the shorter sensor wire and then trunk it into a larger cable with maybe some other sensors.  In both these solutions you are left with compromise one is on schedule with lost productivity the second is lost time fabricating something besides your machine.  So for a machine you need durability, environmental protection and need a solution in days not weeks.  With a Terminal Enclosure made from Cast Aluminum with a durable power coating you can have your solution in days.  click here for more on Aluminum Terminal Enclosures

Now maybe your a hard core Manufacturing Engineer rolling out the latest Automation solution with Robotics, visual Inspection systems, Pick and Place handling equipment and more proximity switches than one cares to count. Systems like this need a durable Junction Box to bring all your wiring into a single Cable or consolidate it with your control boards.  For these environments it is also common to require a variety of size Junction Boxes for simple connections requiring only four to ten termination and other times you may need an Enclosure where there are forty connections and a small control board.  For this the Aluminum Terminal Enclosures are an excellent option allowing for customization with holes on any side  optimizing your wire entry points for the installation.  The Aluminum Terminal Enclosures can be fabricated with as little as a drill press or if necessary a hand drill. This allows you installers the flexibility they need to change the product at time of installation and eliminate the need for prefabricated enclosures with holes that are un used or in the wrong location. click here for more on Aluminum Terminal Enclosures

Now for the Facilities Manager or HVAC Technician installing numerous thermostats in a large building where they need simple easy to access junctions that protect control wiring from the environment around the unit.  In areas where the Junction Box is outside exposed to rain, snow and ice then the Aluminum Terminal Enclosure would be best with its IP67 rating and EX certification it can withstand the most hazardous environments. click here for more on Aluminum Terminal Enclosures  Now the installation is indoors with multiple control wires and sensors coming into a unit.  The a clean termination with properly identified wiring for maintenance and serviceability is key for the life of the unit.  The need for a Junction Box that is easy to install with quick knock outs and simple terminations is required.  The answer to this is the ABS Terminal Enclosure this Junction Box give the ability to quickly terminate wires to the built in Terminal Strip while offering quick knock outs for easy installation. click here for more on ABS Terminal Enclosures

These are just three examples of every day challenges where people can spend countless hours fabricating or fighting with complex solutions.  But now there is an answer, Lite Cycle brings these New Simple Efficient Terminal Enclosures to market allowing for any person Technical or not to solve the everyday wiring challenges in their projects.  If you have a challenge you would like us to write about please let us know about it by sending us a message at

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