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Benefits of a Water Tight Enclosure with a Terminal Block

Posted by Richard Borek on

The Applications for a Water Tight Enclosure are endless, from outdoors to wash-down environments it is easy to see that Liquid tight Enclosures and boxes are a necessity.  To fully understand the mechanics behind a Liquid tight enclosure first one needs to consider the environment often times liquid is well a liquid right? The answer is no based on temperature the possibilities of vapor and ice exist also, these are far more difficult to seal against then liquid.  Starting off because gas is less dense a non porous seal is required and ice expands so the enclosure needs to have the durability to withstand those pressures.With a Liquid Tight enclosure it is also necessary to consider temporary submersion, yes actually having the enclosure sub surface for a period of time.  


Now all these enclosures need to be tested and verified by well someone else thus the need for agencies like UL, CE and TUV all of which certify products for a number of these environmental ratings.  Ah yes, ratings many are familiar with ISO and ANSI standards but when it comes to Enclosures and Boxes there are different ones notably NEMA and IP ratings.  These two ratings are essentially on every outdoor product used in the modern world if of course it is weather proof rated or water proof rated.  Lets dig a little deeper into these ratings.


NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association which seeks to help the Electrical industry advance and make our lives in the USA safer.  But only the US well no they are respected in some other countries too, but the majority of their reach is the United States only.  So what IP what is that well IP stands for Ingress Protection rating and it is dedicated to enclosure ratings only, moreover it is recognized internationally around the world.


The Enclosures on our website carry a number of the above mentioned marks and ratings but most notably is the Aluminum Terminal Enclosures and Cast Aluminum Project Boxes these enclosures carry an impressive IP67 Rating which means it can withstand being submersed one meter deep for thirty minutes.  Yes these enclosures are solid and provide great value to any project requiring a Junction Box, Project box or Enclosure.  With such a high standard of excellence in making this product the assumption of price being high is not true either.  Instead we bring these products to market at a fraction of the price one would normally expect, with all the quality you would expect.  So Take a look at the rest of the site browse the products in our store and see for yourself what these Enclosures can offer.



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